Tanks 3D

A small 3D Tanks game made in Unity with C# as part of an assessment for my Programming AI for Games unit.

The game also showcases different AI concepts being used, such as Finite State Machines, A* Pathfinding, and Fuzzy Logic.

Originally, the game featured two levels: One filled with troop tanks which pursue the player until they are destroyed, and the other containing a boss tank which will require the player to get through all three phases of the fight before they can defeat it.

However, what I have learned from my university course and the groundwork set by this AI coursework are being moulded into a well refined game. It is now being further developed as a 3rd person shooter game with a series of levels to complete. Initially planned for release on PC and Xbox, but depending on the popularity it will hopefully be released to more platforms.

The current systems that have been implemented thus far include a title screen and level selection interface, character movement, AI pathfinding using Unity’s navmesh system, an inventory system that allows a player to pick up and equip weapons and a shooting system. All of these systems are compatible with a keyboard and Xbox controller.

The repository for the project can be found here.