Hello, I’m Ben. I am a graduate of the University of Portsmouth, with a degree in BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology.

I am an avid gamer, and have been since I was 9 year old. This passion for games led to me pursuing game development as a career.

As part of my Computer Science A-level I started learning C and Java, at university I began coding in C++ throughout my time there. This along with my skills in other C based languages provided enough knowledge to independently learn C# for use in Unity 3D with my personal projects.

Having independently learned to use Unity 3D, I used it for all my programming units in my final year at university and continue to use it to develop my own personal projects. In addition, I have strong knowledge of both C++ and C#, as well as using .git with source control.

During my time at university I have been involved in several group projects each year and taken part in a Game Jam team, helping me to develop strong interpersonal, team working and communication skills, using this experience to work to a strict deadline. My other experiences include knowledge of DirectX 11, Unreal Engine 4’s blueprint system, modelling, rigging and UV unwrapping in Autodesk 3DS Max and graphic design in Adobe Photoshop.