Primal World

A segment of a map from within the game.

Primal World is a personal ongoing 2D RPG project.Originally it began as an RPG Maker XP project in 2014.

However, as my skills and confidence in more prominent programming languages and game engines developed, so did my ambitions for what the project could become. As a result of this, the project is gradually being moved to Unity 3D to become a 3D RPG project.

The images shown here are from the RPG Maker XP version. The graphics and tiles were made in Adobe Photoshop. During my time developing this game in RPG Maker I have enjoyed learning about the programming language it utilises (RGSS, Ruby Game Scripting System), and the in-engine commands.

RPG Maker XP was my entrypoint into games development and I believe this software is a very good starting point for others wishing to pursue the path of a games developer, due to how generic the engine is, while maintaining a script editor for more advanced users.

The inside of a standard house in the game.

In the game the player starts off in a jail cell, and must make their way out.

A mouse interface showing menu icons such as profile, equipment, items, world map, saving, and other functions.

The world map screen showing locations when the mouse is hovering over the correct position.